Monday, June 8, 2009

I Can Fly Twice as High

Okay folks, the SCnP Better Blogging Campaign starts now! From here on out, I'm gonna try my hardest-est to post at least once a day about new bands I'm digging, old faves I've rediscovered, and (slightly) more in-depth posts about Charleston-related musical happenings.

Today, let's focus on Philly lo-fi duo Reading Rainbow, who first came to my attention via a short, mysterious post on Said the Gramphone. Further research revealed that RR is comprised of Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton and was formed when another band they were in had to play a show without their drummer, forcing Everton behind the kit. The resulting sounds definitely fit in with the current lo-fi/no-fi revival, but rather than strictly toe the surf/garage line drawn by the likes of Vivian Girls or Wavves, Reading Rainbow practice a more thoughtful variety of minimalism that brings to mind a more-distorted Beat Happening or a less-busy Bird Names.

The band hasn't quite got any releases under its belt yet, but that should change real soon with the impending releases of a split 7" with Eternal Summers on Chimney Sweep Records due out any day now and a full-length LP on Slipshod Mucus Kiss coming later this summer. Until then, you can check out a few tunes on the band's myspace, and in the spirit of instant gratification, here's a couple of mp3s:

Reading Rainbow - "In the City"
Reading Rainbow - "Totem Pole"
(mp3s via StG)

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