Tuesday, June 2, 2009

255 Brings You the Heaviest Mondays in Town

Sorry for the terrible title/image pun, but I had to think up some sort of snappy way to mention that there are a lot of Monday shows at 255 Ashley this June. Now I know Mondays are rough on most people, but what better way to ease your way into the week than by unwinding with your friends at a super fun house show? Here's a rundown of all the fun this month at 255, plus a few other SCnP-approved shows around town.

Sunday, June 7th @ The Pour House - 9pm
Garage Cuban Band
Oicho Kabu
Your Bad Self

Monday, June 8th @ 255 - 8pm
The Ocean Floor
Brook Pridemore
Vikesh Kapoor

Saturday, June 13th @ 88 Columbus St. - 7pm
Best Friends Forever
Oicho Kabu
Fussy Anal

Monday, June 15th @ 255 - 8pm
St. Anthony
The Kicker Knot

Thursday, June 18th @ The Communications Museum - 8pm
Followed By Ghosts
The Huspa Concept

Monday, June 22nd @ 255 - 8pm
Lonnie Walker
Motel Motel
Will Pittman

Friday, June 26th @ 255 - 8pm
Chicken & Whiskey
Heavy Flow

Saturday, June 27th @ Halligan's (???) - 8pm
Southern Culture on the Skids

Monday, June 29th @ 255 - 8pm
The Huspa Concept

1 comment:

  1. June 13th 88 Columbus street - 7:30
    Fussy Anal
    Oicho Kabu
    Book Jaw
    Best Friends Forever
    The Sundowners

    June 18th - The Communications Museum - 58 George Street - 8pm
    Followed By Ghosts
    Huspa Concept