Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Should Already Know

I forget exactly what breadcrumb trail of links led me to discover the music of Brilliant Colors, but a few months ago I found myself staring slack-jawed at their MySpace, utterly entranced by the shambly, jangly, girl-fronted indie pop pouring out of my speakers as though 1992 never ended. Hailing from San Francisco (and not to be confused with Portland's Explode into Colors, whom I also dig and plan to post about very soon), Brilliant Colors have already released two 7-inches this year on Make-a-Mess and Captured Tracks, both of which sound like they could have come out 15 years ago on K or maybe Sarah Records (oh, how I yearn for the days of Tiger Trap!). Needless to say, these guys hit all my lo-fi pop pleasure points, and their singles have spent a lot of time on my turntable this spring.

Unfortunately, it looks as though both releases have gone permanently out of print, but with the good news that they're being compiled onto a 12" with an exclusive extra track (that's a total of seven tracks, for those of you keeping count) scheduled for release later this summer. Until then, why not wet your whistle with a track from each single right here? After that, I suggest you head over to the band's MySpace page to hear two new songs, "Motherland" and "I Start With Your Name". You know you want to...

[mp3] Brilliant Colors - "Should I Tell You"
[mp3] Brilliant Colors - "Highly Evolved"

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