Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Music Archive Is Here!!!

I felt like a blog post would be a good break in the monotony of re-ripping my entire CD collection onto my computer, and what better thing to post about, given my current digital situation, than today's launch of the Free Music Archive, brought to you in large part by the folks at WFMU, the best radio station on the planet! I've mentioned the FMA a couple of times on the podcast, but now it's finally here for all to see! It's a collection of 100% free, legal, download-able, blog-able, podcast-able mp3s from all sorts of great bands. I've already found a number of bands on it that have entered my personal heavy rotation, and you can, too! See for yourself at

Want a sampling before you plunge in? Look no further than these two samplers WFMU released last year in preparation for this wonderful day!

1 comment:

  1. That looks amazing. Have you heard of ? It's a database of live concerts. They have freaking Mahavishnu Orchestra live recordings! You can't go wrong, sir!