Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free Experimental Dental School Album!

I first discovered Experimental Dental School years back by blind Soulseek download. The album was their 2006 sophomore effort 2 1/2 Creatures, and to this day, I can't remember what attracted me to it, as the name is kind of dumb and that's all I had to go on. But download it I did, and as I recall, what I heard kinda sounded to me like Deerhoof, but with way more organ and even weirder vocals.

Well, it's three years later and Experimental Dental School is now releasing their fourth album for free download from their website, with CD and LP "hard copies" to come later this year, presumably self-released, and with hand-sewn covers to boot! The band's sound has changed a bit since I last heard them, but the Deerhoof influence is still somewhat apparent, but XDS plays things a lot looser than the 'Hoof tend to these days, and they're not afraid to break a song down to the most primitive cave rock stomp. The vocals are more subdued than what I remember from Creatures, bathed in lo-fi hiss and buzz with lots of boy/girl indie-popisms.

Hear it for yourself by downloading it here.

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