Friday, April 17, 2009

Late Again

As those who follow me on Twitter may already know, my internet connection decided to take the day off yesterday, yet another (albeit lesser) obstacle that fate has thrown my way in the past few weeks regarding computer stuff. But here I am on Friday morning, late for work so I can get this out to you! I'm dedicated, people!



The Homosexuals - "False Sentiments" (buy)
Gene Defcon - "Liz" (buy)
Screaming Females - "Treacher Collins" (buy
Emperor X - "Sfearion" (download)
City Center - "Open/House" (buy)
Manishevitz - "Cincinnati" (buy)
Joe Christmas - "Coupleskate" (buy)
Brilliant Colors - "Should I Tell You" (OOP!)
Destroyer - "No Cease Fires" (buy)
Oicho Kabu - "Drop a Spider" (buy)
Yo La Tengo - "From a Motel 6" (buy)
The Icarus Syndrome - "Iceland Town" (Sorry, couldn't find a link!)
Amanaz - "Sunday Morning" (buy)
Grenadine - "What on Earth Has Happened to Today's Youth?" (buy)
Airport 5 - "Stifled Man Casino" (buy)


  1. nice!
    is that the new screaming females? i missed their show here last night unfortunately.
    i made friends with some crazy old brit at a party last year who calls from time to time to shoot the shit (i guess i drunkenly gave him my #), turned out to be bruno from the homosexuals..

  2. that is so rad! the homosexuals actually have a 10" that came out recently. i ordered it yesterday, so it should be here in a week. they're definitely one of my favorite "forgotten" bands.