Friday, March 27, 2009

Radio Heart

Okay, okay, so this is a little late. You can stop sending me angry emails demanding this week's podcast (no one has been doing this). Be sure to check the comments for the playlist.



    Atlas Sound - "Solo, or 'The Square'" (download)
    Oicho Kabu - "Mateus e o Rabanete" (buy)
    Sam Buck Rosen - "Everything Has Got to Go" (download)
    Unrest - "I Do Believe You Are Blushing" (buy)
    Shogun Kunitoki - "Ratalintu" (buy)
    The Shivers - "Cold in the Morning" (buy)
    Double Dagger - "The Lie/The Truth"
    The Unrelated Segments - "Where You Gonna Go"
    Young Governor - "Virginia Creeper" (buy)
    The Replacements - "Nowhere Is My Home" (buy)
    The Mayfair Set - "Already Warm" (buy)
    Bird Names - "Days Elevated"
    Lungs of a Giant - "Claws That Bite" (buy)
    Los Microwaves - "Radio Heart"

  2. woohoo! thanks homie.. i especially love the in between 60s lounge jams.

  3. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but thanks for playing my request...I can't find any Los Microwaves.

    Also, I'm totes glad you are digging on the Mayfair Set...that 7" is beautiful and the music is so good.

    You got a Blank Dogs album recommendation for me? They have too many albums and I don't know where to start...I've met the guy in the band and he is super nice.

  4. Tom,

    This blog posts rips of all sorts of rare/forgotten vinyl, and that's where I found the Los Microwaves record, which is completely OOP (of course).

    As for Blank Dogs, I haven't heard any of his EPs, but On Two Sides, the full-length on Troubleman, is pretty great, and Aquarius was raving pretty hard about The Fields a few weeks back. There's also a double LP of all-new songs coming out on In the Red soon.

  5. Thanks for that link! That is a totes rad website.

    I know it's alot of work, but I'm working on getting a mostly vinyl podcast going. I know it's a little limiting, but I think that might be my niche (and there is no shortage of vinyl coming into my house).

  6. I just finished listening to the podcast...and thanks for the rad shout out. I'm totes excited about my copy of the Young Governor 7" too (good looking out).