Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That Shanty Sure Is Slanty!

Booking bands to play in my living room, I come across a lot of great new music (why do you think I started doing this?), and today I was turned on to Iowa's Slanty Shanty Records via Chicago's Caw! Caw!, who as of about ten minutes ago will be rocking faces at 255 on May 13th. In addition to Caw! Caw!, SSR's roster includes Mose Giganticus, L.A. dance-punk trio Anavan, plus several other bands I haven't checked out yet because I am a lazy journalist (three posts a week!). Best of all, they're putting out the next record by this fella, whom you may recognize:

If you liked that video, you should definitely head over to the SSR site, which is loaded with plenty more delicious nuggets. Aw, heck, I'll post another right now. Here's the aforementioned Caw! Caw!:

Good stuff! You can definitely expect to hear more from this label on the podcast in the future.

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