Friday, February 6, 2009

Holdin' Out My Heart to You, I'm

While putting together the playlist comment for this week's podcast, I came across not one, but two internet treasures related to my favorite band-whose-albums-are-all-out-of-print, the almighty Joe Christmas! Hailing from Athens, JC played straight-up indie rock back when those words actually meant something. You know, the 1990s. Here's the video for their unparalleled single, "Coupleskate". Feast your eyes, folks; this one's a fucking diamond:

But wait, I mentioned I had two gems from these guys for you, and the second lies on the band's myspace page. Yes, even though this band has been defunct for over a decade, one of the members went ahead and set up a page on the 'space and is streaming their first EP, Oatmeal, which I never even knew existed! So rad!


  1. Have you ever played Coupleskate at a Castles Underground show, or played it at your house with people over, or something like that? It sounds very familiar.

  2. Yeah, I played it at the last Castles Underground show.