Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Post Contains the Name "Blagjojevich"

Thanks everybody for making last night's show a tremendous success! Easily one of the best 255 shows ever! And guess what? I have a pair of awesome, nay, essential links for you today, one for each of last nights touring bands!

First up is Bird Names, who are stopping through the studios of the venerable WFMU to record a live set which will air in mid-February. In anticipation, the kind folks at WFMU have posted an EP David from Bird Names recorded about recently-disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagjojevich back in 2005. The EP, entitled For the Love of Rod, can be had here, and do yourself a favor and check out WFMU for yourself. Best radio station ever.

Regarding Quiet Hooves, who can be seen above performing in a swimming pool, I'd like to point you towards Party Party Partners, a label-website-thing already known to anyone who bought the Quiet Hooves/Dream Scene split cd-r last night. Turns out they have a free 18-track comp featuring tracks by the Hooves and ten other bands! How can you pass that up? You can't! So get it right here.


  1. That is my friend Jason's show on WFMU that they are playing!

  2. Really? I love that show. The first time I heard it, he kicked things off with a Flipper track and I was sold.