Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Know Where to Dump It

Here's the newest podcast, sixteen hours later than the time I try to have these up by. I'd have gotten it done on time, but I was too busy laughing at this picture:

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one. For some reason there are a lot of songs with swears this time around. Go figure.

I'll try to have the playlist and links up in the comments sometime tomorrow morning.



  1. Apologies again for the lateness, but here's this week's playlist. Each band name is a link to that band's website (usually a myspace page), and, where possible, I included links to where to buy/download the music on this podcast. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Kurt Vile - "Freeway" (buy it)
    Cave - "Machines and Muscles"
    Momus - "The Homosexual" (get it)
    Altas Sound - "Middle School Instrumental" (get it)
    Atlas Sound - "Rendered" (get it)
    Favours for Sailors - "I Dreamt That I Dreamed That You Loved Me in Your Dreams"
    Sky Larkin - "Molten" (buy it)
    UUVVWWZ - "Green Starred Sleeve" (buy it)
    John Maus - "Do Your Best" (buy it)
    Fever Ray - "Concrete Walls" (buy it)
    Faust - "Jennifer" (buy it)
    Zero Boys - "Civilization's Dying" (buy it)
    Julie Doiron - "Consolation Prize"
    Puddin' Tang - "Hogwash"
    Bird Names - "Nananaut" (buy it)
    Wade Nichols - "Wanda Rode Again"
    Acid Eater - "Eye"

  2. Tay.. you should check out my roomie's show on East Village radio (among other DJ's, theyre all good). His is "Just Music", lots of psych stuff. "Peer Pressure" is great too.