Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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I'm very sorry to say that next Tuesday's EAR PWR/Toro y Moi/Short Shorts show will not be an 18+ show as originally planned.

I talked to [Rec Room main man] Boston this afternoon, and while he's totally down with hosting live music, he's not ready to make the leap into hosting 18 and up shows, which is understandable given the liability involved with allowing underage people into an establishment that primarily serves alcohol.

I understand that a fair amount of people interested in coming to this show are underage, and I'm super bummed that you're getting shut out here. I try really hard to make every show I book at least 18+ if not all ages, but unfortunately things didn't work out this time.

Again, I'm super ultras sorry. Next time, dudes, I promise.

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