Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tiger Loves Manatee

For days, I've wanted to play Super Animal Bros. III so bad it practically gives me Nintendo thumb just thinking about it. Thing is, "Super Animal Bros. III" is really just the title track of the new EAR PWR album, but if it were a video game, I'd imagine it would involve flying skateboards, sentient plush toys, and lots and lots of neon. Listening to this song, I'm having a hard time believing EAR PWR isn't actually a band comprised of stuffed animals, even though I've had visual proof when I saw them open for fellow North-Carolinians-turned-Baltimoreans Future Islands a couple years ago.

To be frank, many of the tracks on EAR PWR's new album don't quite capture the ecstatic exuberance of the band's live show as well as "Super Animal Bros. III" does, but that's probably because it's one of the only songs with a fully fleshed-out pop structure that really pulls the casual listener in. The rest of Super Animal Brothers III still makes for a fun listen, especially when played at high volume at a dance party, as the band no doubt intends, but if EAR PWR continues to crank out strong dance-pop tracks like they have here, I foresee a really bangin' singles collection in their future.

[mp3] EAR PWR - "Super Animal Bros. III"
(from Super Animal Brothers III; buy it from Carpark)

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