Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double You Double Vee Double Double You Zee

I had planned to write all about SCnPodcast staples UUVVWWZ today, particularly how their excellent self-titled LP is finally seeing release on compact disc next week on Saddle Creek Records, making them the first Saddle Creek band I've liked since I was in my teens, but I'm too worn out from an especially strenuous day at work, so instead here's a video I've been enjoying a lot lately, courtesy of the always-rad Hood Internet:

Oh, and I guess I oughtta post a couple UUVVWWZ tracks, too. They're the best:

[mp3] UUVVWWZ - "Jap Dad"
[mp3] UUVVWWZ - "Shark Suit"
(from their self-titled LP on It Are Good/Saddle Creek)

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  1. Is UUVVWWZ coming back to Charleston any time soon???? You beat that show date into my head if they ever do, please!