Friday, June 12, 2009

Your Last Desirable Trace

Yeah, gimmicks are annoying, but only when used in lieu of actual talent. Here at SCnP we have a saying that goes, "If you've got the goods, gimmick away," and Best Friends Forever definitely pass that test, even if co-founders Bri Smith and Jes Seamans did name the band after the fact that they've been best friends since 1995.

BFF sound like every great indie pop band you've ever heard, with lots of doo-wop backing vocals and Phil Spector drums, with Smith and Seamans doubling up on lead singer duty, busting out vocal interplay on par with early Camera Obscura or even Pavement! This is total sugary pop, but with a generous pinch of classic indie rock to cut the sweetness, to say nothing of Seamans' incredible bass playing, which in and of itself is reason enough to check out the band.

[mp3] Best Friends Forever - "Tape Song"
(from the Romance Conflict Adventure CD. Buy it from Plan-It-X, only $5!!)

BFF will be playing Charleston tomorrow night (June 13) at 88 Columbus along with the Sundowners, Bookjaw, Oicho Kabu and Fussy Anal. Fun starts at 7pm!

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