Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Last Shot Is My Favorite

Let's consider for a minute the physical role music plays in our everyday lives. Where do you listen to music? How? What are you doing while you do it? Are you sitting down in a comfortable chair, seated eight to twelve feet from two symmetrically-placed speakers which are also eight to twelve feet apart from each other and turned ever-so-slightly outward so as to give you a better impression of the recording's "stereo image" as you listen intently, eyes closed, savoring each tiny nuance of every sonic frequency contained therein?

Most likely, no. These days if you're listening to music, you're probably hearing it through a pair of cheap earbuds or on an all-in-one shelf stereo you got for Christmas in high school. But do you enjoy your music any less because of this? Of course not. This video is for all the people rockin' out to tinny boomboxes by sinks while they do the dishes, putting their shelf stereo speakers in two different rooms so everyone at the party can dance, and plugging their turntables directly into the auxiliary input even though it comes out all quiet without something your audiophile friend calls a "preamp". Who says you need to empty your bank account to properly enjoy music? Not Deerhoof.

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