Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Is What a House Show Looks Like

Last night, Fayetteville, Arkansas, descended upon 255 like an angelic visitation as St. Anthony, the Kicker Knot, Sciences, and Savannah, GA's Hula Hoop (which contains one former Fayettevillian) swaddled an appreciative audience in blissed-out beats and reverb-laden loops, filling the space with a record-breaking amount of good vibes. Normally, such nights go undocumented at 255, but videographer/photographer and SCnP-pal Joel Schooling brought his camera and has been kind enough to let me post some of the photos here on the blog. The full set can be viewed here on Joel's Picasa.

The Official 255 Organ:

Hula Hoop:

One half of Sciences (sorry I don't remember your name, dude):

The Kicker Knot:

Ah, the Party Tree...:

Unfortunately, no snaps of either Sciences' or St. Anthony's sets (which were both excellent, by the way), but you'll be hearing more about both of those bands in future posts. Promise! In the meantime, why not check out the Kicker Knot's new album, Ghost Mouth of the Clouds, which the band has made available for free download here!

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