Saturday, May 9, 2009

C30, C60, C90, GO!: The Most

Even when they weren't playing music, the Most were one of the funnest bands I've ever met. They came through town last summer to play a last-minute gig at the John Rivers Communications Museum. As I recall, they had a couple of shows on their tour fall through and they'd just played the house of a friend in Savannah, who sent them to Charleston. I got the pleasure of hanging out with them for most of the day and showing them around the city. We ended up getting banana splits at the local ice cream parlor, but even in the heat of a Chucktown summer, the air conditioning in the place was far too intense to enjoy our ice cream, so we ended up eating on the (fairly narrow) sidewalk in front of the jewelery store next door, getting plenty of strange looks from passing tourists.

When showtime came, their music proved to be as fun as the people themselves, lots of tongue-in-cheek California beach jams with lots of tambourine and just about every band member putting in time on vocal duties. I happily plunked down the cash for a cassette copy of "Manifest Destiny's Child", which was so hand-made that my copy was actually a dubbed-over mid-period Laurie Anderson tape no doubt purchased from a thrift store. You could even peel back some of the cut-and-paste cover to reveal the original Laurie Anderson j-card underneath!

Sadly, it appears the most have disbanded, and "Manifest Destiny's Child" is out of print, but here's a digitized copy for all those folks who'd like to hear what was going on in California garage before everyone started freaking out about Wavves. Enjoy! (I cut this one up into individual tracks this time, thus eliminating the need for a tracklist on the blog post.)

The Most - Manifest Destiny's Child

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