Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Wave Of Sludge Too Dense To Lift

Here's this week's podcast. It's been another rebuilding week here at SCnP Central, but I've still found the time to put together a good mix of quality tunes for you. Next week's episode will be extra special in anticipation of Festival Festival on May 2. See you then!



The Bitters - "Can You Keep a Secret" (buy)
So Cow - "League of Impressionable Teens" (buy)
Eat Skull - "Oregon Dreaming" (buy)
Delta Haymax - "Carnation" (buy)
Height with Friends - "Jackson Whites" (buy)
Las Vegas Club - "Breadfruit & Betel Nuts" (OOP!)
Fotheringay - "The Sea" (buy)
Los Microwaves - "Is There Life After Breakfast?" (download)
Emperor X - "A Violent Translation of the Concordia Headscarp" (download)
Wavves - "Friends Were Gone" (download)
The Remains - "My Babe" (buy)
City Center - "Summer School" (download)
The Homosexuals - "Slow Guns" (buy)
Les Rallizes Denudes - "Night of the Assassins" (buy)

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