Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Return of SCnP!

Whew! Since this time last week, things are finally getting back to normal here and SCnP is back up and running at 90% capacity! What a recovery! I almost just hung it up there, folks. It was a dark time, but I pulled through, and the podcast is back to fight another week against my crippling ADD and lack of work ethic! Not so much new stuff this time through, what with the loss of every track I've downloaded or ripped in the past year or so, but I see times like this as opportunities to appreciate the classics. After all, there's more to rock than no-fi garage bands and hyper-limited 45s, so in a way, putting together this podcast was a breath of fresh air for my musical sensibilities. Hope you like it:



The Lines - "Nerve Pylon" (buy)
Visage - "Visage" (buy)
John Maus - "This Is the Beat" (unreleased)
Franco Battiato - "Fenomenologia" (download)
Wolf Colonel - "Jet Ski Accidents" (buy)
Calexico - "Glimpse" (buy)
Nightshadow - "60 Second Swinger" (download)
Sal Paradise - "Vicarious Speedster" (buy)
The Poison Control Center - "Teenage Girl" (buy)
RTFO Bandwagon - "Like a Dan Shearer Over Troubled Water" (buy)
Lotion - "Sandra" (buy)
The Racket Squad - "The Loser" (buy)
Mr. Dream - "Fine Lines"
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Hey Paul" (buy)
Air Miami - "Dolphin Expressway" (buy)

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  1. Wolf Colonel (Jason Anderson)'s Jet Ski Accidents is awesome. He played that after one of his shows in a park! So Good.