Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh boy! This week's episode number is divisible by five, and that means: Theme Episode! And what a week for a theme episode it is, what with Festival Festival happening at Redux on Saturday! This week I'm playing almost all Charleston cuts from bands that are playing this year or have played past Festivals. Yay, local rock!

Playlist (links coming later)

Dungen - "Festival"
The Huspa Concept - "Green Elevator Explosion"
Co. - "Henry"
Beaks and Claws - "Talking About Those Time Travel Blues"
Know Nothing Party - "A Jam"
Where Are the Big People? - "The Longest Yard Sale in the World"
Thousands of Kittens - "Undead"
Small Pox - "Release/Relief"
Hypnosquad - "One Down, Two to Go"
Oicho Kabu - "Each Mushroom Has Its Owner"
Ponies & Flowers - "Same Song"
Hip Young Gunslingers - "Fathers (Live @ Festival '08)"
To Year, Old Virgin - "Starlight Scenery (Live @ Festival '08)"
Morimoto - "Equal Parts (Live @ Festival '08)"
Castles Underground - "Coronation Time (Live @ Festival '08)"
The Floorboards - "Street Demon"

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  1. hey tay, you should post a listing of upcoming shows every month or something. seems like theres a lot of them going on..