Friday, March 6, 2009

Radio Future - The HEIGHT Podcast

Hey, let's do another Radio Future post! This is a continuing series highlighting podcasts that may be of interest to SCnP-listeners.

This go-'round it's all about Baltimore rapper Height, who since late last summer has been producing a 10- to 20-minute weekly podcast featuring music by different artists he has toured with, plus lots of exclusive remixes of various tracks by Height himself.

The molasses-mouthed Height should be well known to 255 regulars for his three mind-blowing appearances in our living room (with a fourth coming up on May 1st!), but for the uninitiated, Height specializes in keeping things real sloooow, but not in a fucked-up-on-cough-syrup-and-Gatorade kind of way. No, Height's more like an ent, if you'll excuse the Tolkien reference, moving at a pace both plodding and powerful, with an added air of wisdom to his rhymes that brings to mind not only Tolkien's arboreal creatins but also perhaps (brace yourself or you'll get whiplash) Notorious B.I.G.?

I honestly don't know enough hip-hop to really know what I'm talking about here, but I do know I enjoy hearing Height's voice coming out of my earbuds every Tuesday, because I know something good's sure to follow.

HEIGHT Radio (rss)
Height's homepage

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