Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oops! All Covers!!!

Wow, I was even less active on the blog this week than last week! My bad, but in my defense, I was without internet access for a few days due to a bill-paying mishap. I promise to make at least five posts before the next podcast.

Moving on, this week's podcast is an extra-special one: ALL COVERS! I've always loved it when bands put their own spin on songs they didn't write, so I had a blast putting this one together. Hope you like it:

[photo: Impose]



    Boogdish - "At Seventeen"
    The Reigning Sound - "Stormy Weather" (buy)
    Big Dipper - "Jet"
    The Lemonheads - "My Hero, Zero" (buy)
    Deerhunter - "Oh It's Such a Shame"
    Scrabbel - "Sometimes" (buy)
    The Rock*A*Teens - "I'm Your Puppet" (buy)
    Sholi - "The Sprout and the Bean" (buy)
    Dead Luke - "Jumping Jack Flash Drive"
    Pedro the Lion - "Let Down" (buy)
    Superchunk - "100,000 Fireflies" (buy)
    So Cow - "This Angry Silence" (download)
    Gentleman Jesse - "I Get So Excited" (buy)
    The Fall - "Victoria" (buy)
    Yo La Tengo - "Little Honda" (buy)

  2. hey! i know that hearse.. it is usually parked in front of this sweet metal bar in williamsburg, brooklyn.

  3. Well, it made it all the way down to Austin, cuz I snagged it from Impose's SXSW coverage. Which reminds me, I should give them credit for that...

  4. I Get So Excited is a cover? crazy.

  5. the Victoria cover is sooooo good.