Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Hate the Taste, But I Love the Effects

So the other day I did that fake band meme that's been making the Facebook rounds. The band name I got was 3B Lab, which, as it turns out, is already a Japanese band. The title of my fake band's first album is Teaching Children Not to Doubt, which I think is actually a pretty good album title. The kicker, though, was the cover art (and keep in mind this was randomly selected off of Flickr):

HOW ABOUT THAT SHIT?! I know I was blown away. Anyway, this just seemed like a good thing to share along with the newest podcast, which is here:

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  1. Here's what I played on this week's podcast. I lazily decided not to make the band names hotlinks to their respective websites, but hey, you're a big kid, you can handle a little extra clicking and typing. It's good for you! Rock on:

    The Rock*A*Teens - "Down with People" (buy)
    Flaspar - "Nothing Left But Fire Now" (buy)
    Co. - "Waiting for Saints to Arrive" (buy)
    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Come Saturday" (buy)
    The Magnetic Fields - "Three-Way" (buy)
    The Wrens - "Rest Your Head" (buy)
    Blank Dogs - "Ants" (buy)
    Mi Ami - "New Guitar" (buy)
    ANAVAN - "Traumatology" (buy
    Big Dipper - "Loch Ness Monster" (buy)
    Circle - "Dedofiktion" (buy)
    Bird Names - "Living Longer" (buy)
    Brian Eno - "Cindy Tells Me" (buy)
    Prisonshake - "I Hear Your Name"
    Red Fang - "Prehistoric Dog" (buy)
    Height with Friends - "Jackson Whites" (buy)
    Mr. Jenkins - "In Parts"
    John Maus - "Do Your Best" (buy)
    Tree Wave - "Sleep" (buy)

  2. I just finished the podcast from last week, but I actually started it on friday. But I wanted to note that the CO. song is the perfect getting off work friday evening song. Do I know any of those kids?

  3. i think this may be my favorite playlist yet.. ive been listening to a lot of 90s/garage rock lately. im getting a little angsty and ready to KICK SUMMER'S ASSSSSSS.