Monday, February 16, 2009

52.5 Records' 12th Birthday + Food Drive!

52.5 Records, Charleston's best independent record store and the place where I've purchased easily 75% of my record collection will be turning 12 years old this Saturday (Feb 21st), entering the home stretch of those awkward "tween years". To celebrate, store-owner and all-around nice guy Clay Scales will be holding a canned food drive and giving a 52.5% discount on any used CD, LP, or DVD to all who donate! (The discount on new stuff is 12%, and this is all per item, of course. Don't expect to bring one can o' corn and get $52.50 off a $100 purchase.)

If this economy has curbed your obsessive record collecting like it has mine, Saturday's definitely the day to make up for it, and help hungry people in the process. This way, next time a bum asks you for some charity, you can hold up your newly purchased copy of Trout Mask Replica, smile and say, "It's right here, pal!" On second thought, maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea.

Anyway, it's a good excuse to buy records and support the store. I think I'll get that Deerhunter 2xLP I've had my eye on for years now, and maybe that new Serge Gainsbourg reissue....

More info at the official site!


  1. oh man this is my chance to get the suitcase box set

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, and for the kind words. -Clay