Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mailer vs. Torn!

A friend pointed me towards this amazing video of real live fisticuffs exchanged between Rip Torn and Norman Mailer back in 1969! From the description:
Mailer concluded principal photography without resolving the final scene, and Rip Torn (playing his brother-in-law and assassin) allegedly decided to take it upon himself to "improvise" an attack by hitting Mailer on the head with a small hammer, drawing blood. Mailer retaliated by tackling and then nearly chewing Torn's ear off as they grappled viciously, and it rapidly escalated into an unhinged on-camera brawl as Mailer's horrified kids screamed in terror.
Harrowing! While I'm at it, here's a related clip from another of Mailer's films, featuring a terrible performance by Ryan O'Neal:

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