Thursday, January 22, 2009

That Kid Never Leaves His Room

Alright, we made it to episode number two! I hope you guys like this one. It's a little more rockin' than last time. Dig in!

Check the comments on this post for a playlist complete with links to buy the music featured here. And as promised in the show, I've compiled a list of upcoming shows in the Charleston underground.

January 27 @ 255 Ashley Ave. | 8pm
Bird Names
Quiet Hooves
Dead Hippies

February 4 @ 255 Ashley Ave. | 8pm (I forgot to mention this one on the show)
Lazy Magnet
My Left Uterus

February 5 @ Chestnut Tree Infoshop | 7pm
Wingnut Dishwasher's Union
Oicho Kabu

February 14 @ 89 Columbus St. | 8pm
The Floorboards
Aux Arc

Keep tuning in! We've got lots of fun stuff planned for future episodes!


  1. Songs featured in this week's podcast:

    Eddy Current Suppression Ring - "We'll Be Turned On" (buy it)
    Thee Oh Sees - "Block of Ice" (buy it)
    Box Elders - "Hole in My Head" (buy it)
    Screaming Females - "Boyfriend" (buy it)
    Thee Oh Sees - "Quadrospazzed"
    Hayvanlar Alemi - "Bahar Patlatan" (get it)
    The Weird Tapes - "The Heavens" (get it)
    Atlas Sound - "Without Headlights" (get it)
    Del Close & John Brent - "The Loose Wig" (get it)
    Franco Battiato - "Una Cellula" (get it)
    The Merbabies - "Merry Mixer"
    Quiet Hooves - "Buried" (buy it)
    Bird Names - "New Life" (buy it)
    Big Dipper - "Jet" (buy it)
    Mahjongg - "Tell the Police the Truth" (buy it)
    Richard Swift - "Lady Luck" (get it)

  2. i love the SHIT out of that screaming females song.